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Adapt to the new normal of economic development, plan metal products, thirteen five


Adapt to the new normal of economic development, plan metal products, thirteen five

2015-11-25 16:53
In October, the “2015 Metal Products Industry Technical Information Exchange Conference” hosted by the National Metal Products Information Network was successfully held on October 27-30, 2015 at the Dei Garden Hotel in Qingdao, Shandong Province. A total of 208 registered representatives from leaders, experts, entrepreneurs and technicians from the domestic and international metal products industry gathered together to conduct a wide-ranging technical information exchange on the theme of “Adapting to the 13th Five-Year Plan for Metal Products in the New Normal of Economic Development”.
On October 27th, from 19:00 to 21:00, "The Italian ATE company wire induction heating technology seminar" was held in the multi-function hall of Deai Garden Hotel as scheduled. More than 100 representatives and technical experts from Italy ATE company Massimo Together with Mr. Bollila, they discussed the technical difficulties and hot issues of environmentally-friendly and efficient induction heating technology. At present, the technology has been successfully applied in the bead wire mill of Shandong Shengtai Group. It can completely replace the lead tempering heat treatment and has been well received by users. It has also been successfully applied in the stress-relieving heat treatment of galvanized products.
On October 28th, the conference was held throughout the day, and a total of 19 leaders and experts made a speech at the conference. The morning meeting was hosted by Song Wei, Secretary General of the National Metal Products Information Network. The meeting was first delivered by Mao Haibo, Dean of Zhengzhou Metal Products Research Institute of Sinosteel Group, the head of the network, and Wang Qingxian, deputy general manager of Qingdao Iron and Steel Holding Group Co., Ltd., gave a welcome speech. Tang Hao, chairman of the Metalworking Deep Processing Branch of the China Institute of Metals, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Liu Chaojian, chief designer of the Metallurgical Planning and Design Institute, gave a special report entitled "Strategies on the Compilation and Development of the "13th Five-Year Plan" for Wire Products", the current situation and development trend of the domestic steel industry, the current situation of China's wire rod production and consumption, domestic The current situation of the production of wire products, the preparation of the "13th Five-Year Plan" and the choice of strategic path, as well as the characteristics of good enterprises, goals and strategic measures, etc., are elaborated and explained. The data is detailed and rich in content, and is a metal product and related enterprise. The positioning and development during the 13th Five-Year Plan period provided the basis and direction.
Liu Cheng, deputy chief engineer of Qingdao Iron and Steel Holding Group Co., Ltd. and deputy director of the technical center, gave a brief introduction to the new plant area of ​​Qinggang. The environmental relocation project of Qinggang City Steel Plant is a key construction project in Qingdao with a total investment of 16.4 billion yuan. In the first phase of the project, five new rolling steel production lines were built, of which three high-speed wires were 1.7 million tons, and the special small and medium-sized bars were 700,000 tons and flat steels were 600,000 tons. Qinggang adheres to the "high-end differentiation" strategy, and on the basis of consolidating the quality grades of existing advantageous varieties of bead wire, cord steel, prestressed steel strand steel, welding steel, etc., it forms a group of medium and high-end sub-optimals. Special steel products, at the same time develop special steels for automobile and machinery manufacturing, such as gear steel, bearing steel, alloy structural steel, non-tempered steel and other advanced materials. After the relocation, high-end products accounted for 54%, product export ratio was about 1/3, and deep processing ratio was about 1/4, forming a new product structure with existing superior products continuing to lead, new developed products gradually getting closer to the market, and emerging steel products supplemented and developed. .
Lu Ping, an engineer of Guizhou Steel Rope Co., Ltd. made a wonderful speech on "Adapting to the new normal of the economy and promoting the new development of the wire products industry". Based on the current situation of economic development facing the world, domestic and wire products industry, combined with the company In the actual production, seven experiences and measures have been put forward to deal with the new normal of the economy and seek new development: (1) Actively promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, seek development through innovation, and seek development through reform; (2) Strengthen independent innovation of enterprises and foster competition among enterprises. (3) Eliminate outdated equipment and improve equipment level; (4) Continue to promote the application of advanced technology; (5) Further optimize the variety structure; (6) Reduce labor intensity and further improve labor productivity; (7) Further improve products Quality, enhance brand influence.
Zhang Yubin, General Manager of Strategic Cooperation and Development of Bekaert Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. made a wonderful report entitled "The development trend of the steel cord industry under the new situation and the solution of Bekaert's green development road". The "new normal", the overall status of the steel cord industry, the development trend of the steel cord industry, the Bekaert Group and the business introduction in China, and Bekaert's solution to the green development road are introduced in detail. And share. Jin Xianda, Sales Director of Korea Steel Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. elaborated on the global layout, production capacity, product line status of the Korean Steel Group, the status quo of China and Malaysia factories, as well as new products and new directions, social responsibility and other contents. . Both reports were brilliant and the delegates expressed their interest.
Ms. Ba Yan, Marketing Manager of Italian Euros Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. briefly introduced the core innovations of EUROLLS in Italy: rolling die instead of wire drawing technology, acid-free cleaning equipment, and the company's newly developed wire drawing and stranding equipment. Mr. Cao Xiaoming, Chairman of Tianjin Gongda Galvanizing Equipment Co., Ltd. mainly introduced the hot-dip galvanizing process and equipment for steel wire and long products, and its principle, basic process, technical characteristics, technical parameters, hot-dip steel wire production line and process description. The content is described in detail.
The afternoon meeting was hosted by Zhang Qiong, the Permanent Secretary of the General Network. First of all, Song Xin, manager of the innovation business department of Sinosteel Iron & Steel Co., Ltd., gave a detailed explanation of the most popular "Internet +" on the topic of "The Internet +", and "Internet + Metal Products" The ultimate goal is to build a preliminary vision of the Chinese metal products e-commerce platform. Feng Ping, Technical Director of the Wire Division of Jiangsu Faersheng Shengsheng Group Co., Ltd. introduced the development history and current situation of Faersheng and the development concept of the 13th Five-Year Plan. He also elaborated on the development process of galvanized steel wire rope for high-pressure hose. , process technology and research and development results.
Mr. Gao Jianzhong, Sales Manager of Yujiele International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Zhang Shikun, General Manager of Cable Complete Equipment Company of Hubei Sanjiang Aerospace Jiangbei Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd., and Wang Bo, Technical Director of Harbin Institute of Technology Robot Group Suzhou Ruichang Intelligent Machine Co., Ltd. The conference of the basket-type skein-rope machine technology, the application of the double-twisting machine in the field of steel wire ropes, and the intelligent manufacturing solution of the metal products industry factory enriched the meeting.
Zhang Hailiang, Technical Director of Shanghai Pujiang Cable Co., Ltd., Miao Lixian, Consultant of Luoyang Aoxin Metal Products Co., Ltd., Deputy Director of Technology R&D Center of Xianyang Gem Steel Pipe Co., Ltd., and Qin Wanxin, Deputy Manager of Haimen Branch, respectively, Research and Application of Manufacturing Technology for Main Cable Strands of Suspension Bridge High-strength Steel Wire, "Steel Hot Dip Galvanizing -10% Aluminum-Mixed Rare Earth Alloy Plating Process", "Several Issues for the Solution of China's Landing Steel Wire Rope during the 13th Five-Year Plan" The wonderful speeches discussed and exchanged relevant technology and technology that everyone pays more attention to in the industry. The content is rich and attracts the general attention of the representatives.
Finally, Chen Weidong, deputy director of the editorial department of Metal Products, read the results of the selection of the outstanding papers of “Qingang Cup” and fully affirmed the 43 papers in this conference. The conference papers analyzed the status quo of metal products industry and enterprises around the theme, and put forward suggestions and measures for how to seek new development under the new situation, which has certain reference value. Li Zhongshan, the head of the network and the vice president of Zhengzhou Metal Products Research Institute of Sinosteel, gave a high-level summary of the speeches of the conference, and put forward some points in combination with the practical problems and development goals faced by China Steel Products Institute in the 13th Five-Year Plan. Views: (1) Emancipate the mind to promote transformation and upgrading under the new situation; (2) Public entrepreneurship, innovation, and deepening institutional reform; (3) Maintaining medium and high-speed growth, moving towards the middle and high-end level, achieving upgrading and efficiency upgrading The key is to rely on innovation, and technological innovation and institutional innovation are mutually integrated and mutually inspiring. It has certain guiding significance for the development direction of the enterprise.
According to the agenda of the meeting, on the morning of the 29th, according to the product category, it was divided into steel wire stranded wire group and wire rope and rubber skeleton material group for discussion. The steel wire stranded wire group was presided over by Lu Ping, deputy secretary-general of the general network; the wire rope and rubber skeleton material group was presided over by the representative of Nanyang Steel Wire Network to Zhao Xianhai, representative of Canyang and Beigang rope network unit. Nearly 120 delegates from both groups made full use of the rare opportunity to conduct extensive exchanges around the theme of the conference, or on industry issues such as difficult issues in production or promotion of new technologies. On the afternoon of the 29th, at the invitation of Qinggang Company, the meeting arranged for representatives to visit the new factory area of ​​Qinggang. The new factory is located in the Lingang Industrial Zone of Dongjiakou, Qingxi New District, Qingdao City, about 80km away from Qingdao, with a total land area of ​​about 9300 acres. Qinggang will realize the management, process, technology, equipment and product upgrade through relocation and transformation, and build a high-quality production base of China Ute Steel. Up to now, preparations for the commissioning of a new 3 million tons full-process system have been completed, and some have already been in production.
Under the great attention of the network directors and the sub-networks of the sub-networks, the relevant personnel of the Secretariat carefully organized and actively cooperated with the delegates. The conference completed the scheduled agenda on schedule and achieved complete success.
This year is a crucial year for China to comprehensively deepen its reforms, and it is also the year of the completion of the 12th Five-Year Plan. China's economic development has entered a new normal. This is a major strategic judgment made by the central government to comprehensively summarize development experience and accurately judge the current situation and future trends. It will have far-reaching and significant impact on the future development of China's metal products industry. The information network secretariat will also continue to work with network members to accelerate the structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading, and innovative development of China's metal products industry, and strive to achieve green development, continuous improvement of environmental protection levels, and further enhance international competitiveness. (Information Network Secretariat)