Xinhua Company conducts fire emergency drill in autumn 2019

   In order to improve the emergency response ability of the company's personnel at all levels to deal with sudden fire accidents and eliminate the hidden dangers of fire accidents in a timely manner, on the morning of October 29, 2019, Xinhua Company organized an autumn fire emergency drill in accordance with the annual fire protection work plan, and invited the municipal high-tech zone to fire Professionals from the brigade came to observe and guide.

This fire emergency drill takes the fire accident in the company's warehouse as a hypothetical event. From the discovery of dangerous situations, rapid alarm, emergency mobilization to the final effective disposal, the company's personnel at all levels demonstrated well-trained operation levels during the drill, and further exercised through the drill. The employees are proficient in the use of fire-fighting facilities, which has improved everyone's fire safety awareness and comprehensive handling ability. The drill activities have been fully affirmed by the district fire brigade.