A glimpse of Xinhua's 2020 "Safety Production Month" activities

       In the 19th National "Safety Production Month" activity in June, Xinhua Company followed the requirements of the Municipal High-tech Zone and Xingang Group Corporation, and combined with the actual situation of the unit's safety production work, successively carried out publicity and mobilization, and leaders entered the team to participate in safety A series of activities to improve the safety awareness and safety skills of all employees, such as learning, watching warning education films, holding fire safety drills, emergency drills for hazardous chemicals leakage, emergency drills for working at heights, and inviting experts from the Municipal Safety Emergency Management Bureau to give lectures. All employees were mobilized to actively participate in the investigation and rectification of potential safety hazards, successfully completed various planned tasks, and achieved the expected goals and effects.

Comrade Ding Laian, general manager of the company, preached and mobilized the "Safety Production Month" activity

The company's leaders in charge, workshop directors, and safety supervisors participated in the safety activities of the front-line team

The management personnel above the team leader collectively watch the safety production warning education film

The leader in charge of the company participated in the monthly mobilization meeting of safety production in the high-tech zone and made a speech on the stage

 Invite experts from the Municipal Safety Emergency Management Bureau to conduct professional safety knowledge training

Carry out emergency drills on the disposal of hazardous chemicals (hydrochloric acid) leakage

Carry out emergency drills for confined space accident handling

Invite experts from the high-tech zone fire brigade to the company for fire safety knowledge training and emergency drills