Xinhua Company held the 2020 situation and task publicity and epidemic prevention and resumption summary and commendation meeting

"Comrades, due to the impact of the epidemic, we have not been able to successfully hold the lecture until today. This is thanks to the strong leadership of the party and the government. The current prevention and control situation is hard-won, and we should cherish it!" With the company's general manager Ding Ding On the morning of April 17, a total of 73 members of the management team of Xinhua Company, heads of various units, some team leaders, employee representatives and star-rated employees were in the company. The teaching and training room on the first floor held the 2020 situation and task publicity and epidemic prevention and resumption summary and commendation meeting.


The presentation analyzed and interpreted the employees in simple terms from the aspects of the competition in the steel strand industry, the company's tasks and work priorities, etc., so that the employee representatives participating in the conference could fully understand the situation faced by Xinhua from the company's operating conditions and the actual industry market. Combined with the comparison and analysis of various production and operation indicators of Xinhua Company and advanced enterprises in the same industry, let employees realize that the external market cannot be transferred by anyone’s will, and operating costs such as employee wages cannot be compressed, and only rely on everyone to do well” All-staff, all-round, whole-process cost-reduction and efficiency-creating activities” is the correct direction for the enterprise to improve the level of efficiency and ensure the growth of income.

"This year's presentation has only 3 parts. It is concise and clear, which makes me feel the pressure. At the same time, it also strengthens the confidence to complete the task. I believe that as long as I work with my colleagues, stand on the post, and start from small things, our enterprise benefits and income this year will be greatly improved. Growth is confident!" An employee representative said with deep understanding when he received the advanced individual award for epidemic prevention and resumption of work after the meeting, "Many people around me are working families, and everyone's unit benefits directly affect their own. Living standards, businesses and families are the same, we must be careful and careful, and only by diligent and thrifty housekeeping will our life be better every day!"


At the meeting, Comrade Huang Ligen, secretary of the company's party committee, summarized the company's epidemic prevention and control and work resumption, commended advanced collectives and individuals, and called on the majority of cadres and workers to learn from advanced models and their resumption of work and production in the company. The noble quality of being able to face difficulties and be willing to endure hardships and the fine style of bravely shouldering heavy burdens and fighting continuously in difficult times calls on each employee to combine their respective positions, drive the people around them with the power of example, gather positive energy, and jointly promote the company's reform. Development to create new achievements and make new contributions.